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​Advanced Technology Solutions

ABC Accounts Corporation is now using ServeManager© technology.

With ServeManager, you access an efficient and complete process serving system, integrated with real-time smartphone application. When your process server uses ServeManager, it allows you immediate access to the database to follow the progress of services, or you can receives alerts at the moment a service is attempted or completed. You will benefit from the increased efficiency during the service of process while decreasing the chances for human error.

ServeManager provides the ability to assign the rules of Civil Procedure with every service and allows the time, date and location of each service to be verified by third parties.

Affidavits are automatically generated within seconds after a completed service.

Benefits we can offer:

  • Ability to follow the progress of the service from start to finish - in real time.

  • Efficient, electronic billing and payment methods

  • Rules of Civil Procedure are assigned for each service

  • Time, date and location of service verified by third parties – GPS (Global Positioning System) data with each service

  • Ability to upload documents or photos before, during, and after the service

  • Affidavits created automatically seconds after a completed service

  • Alarms not only for due dates but for court rules

  • Complete reporting on each attempt

  • Access to information as it occurs, via client portal or email alerts

  • Standard operating procedure followed on each service

  • Systemic reduced risk of human error


Convenience. Knowledge. At your fingertips in real time.

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